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Empowering Ghana’s Electrical Contractors: GECA’s Commitment to Excellence

About GECA

Welcome to the official website of the Ghana Electrical Contractors Association (GECA). As the unified voice of electrical contractors in Ghana, GECA is dedicated to empowering professionals in the electrical industry. Through advocacy, professionalism, and creating opportunities, GECA is driving the growth and success of the electrical sector in Ghana.

Advocacy and Representation

GECA represents the interests of electrical contractors by engaging with government entities, regulatory bodies, and industry stakeholders. We work diligently to shape policies, regulations, and standards that promote fairness, safety, and sustainable growth within the industry. By ensuring the voice of electrical contractors is heard, GECA is instrumental in creating a conducive business environment.

Promoting Professionalism and Excellence

GECA upholds the highest standards of professionalism and excellence within the electrical industry. We provide training programs, workshops, and certification initiatives to equip electrical contractors with the necessary skills and knowledge. By maintaining stringent standards and best practices, GECA ensures that contractors deliver top-quality workmanship and adhere to safety regulations.

Creating Growth Opportunities

GECA is dedicated to creating opportunities for the growth and development of electrical contractors. Through strategic partnerships and collaborations, we facilitate access to resources, markets, and projects both locally and internationally. Our members benefit from exclusive networking events, tender opportunities, and exposure to potential clients, enabling them to expand and succeed.

Advancing Electrical Safety

Electrical safety is a top priority for GECA. We actively promote awareness campaigns, training workshops, and initiatives to emphasize the importance of adhering to electrical safety standards. By championing electrical safety as a national concern, GECA contributes to the overall well-being and security of Ghana’s communities.

Nurturing the Next Generation

GECA is committed to nurturing the next generation of electrical contractors. We collaborate with technical and educational institutions to provide apprenticeship programs, internships, and scholarships. By investing in the skills development of young professionals, GECA ensures a strong future for the industry.


Testimonial 1“GECA has been instrumental in connecting me with valuable business opportunities and providing the support I needed to grow my electrical contracting business. Highly recommended!”

Yaw Sanda, Electrical Contractor

Testimonial 2“I’ve been a GECA member for several years, and it has been a game-changer for my career. The networking events and educational programs have expanded my knowledge and helped me stay ahead in the industry.”

Yaw Sanda, Electrical Engineer